The Only Japanese Butcher in Toronto

We are happy to sell Japanese cuts in addition
to traditional North American cuts of meat.
Prepared and cooked foods are also available!


Conscious about what you eat?

What animals are being fed and in what conditions they are raised?
How long and how the meat aged?
Where the animals are raised?
What Breed, and how many months or years to be fabricated?

We are happy to answer these questions as most our products are directly from local farms where we work very closely with and continuously communicate every occasion.

Naturally raised

We believe we all deserve to have good healthy meat on our table. We believe that to produce good healthy meat, animals have to be raised in a healthy environment and with a lot of care.

NO growth hormones
NO antibiotics
Free range or free run
Fed with NO animal products

Meats & Poultry Products

Wagyu (aka Kobe beef in North America) from Japan
Wagyu (aka Kobe beef in North America) from Australia
Angus Beef (Ontario farms)
Berkshire Pork / Tamworth (Ontario farms)
Wild Boar (Ontario farms)
Chicken (Ontario Mennonite farms)
Turkey (Ontario Mennonite farms)
Duck (Ontario Mennonite farms)



Unit 8, 3160 Steeles Ave. E.,
Markham, Ontario L3R 4G9

(905) 475-5005

Hours of Operation

Tuesday - Saturday 10am - 7pm
Sunday 11am - 6pm
Mondays CLOSED


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